Quotes from Past Participants

“Being able to create gives me a sense of excitement.”

“A great way to think about how I feel being a mother and to compare notes. Well-run and well thought through.”

“Invaluable conversations that can help and put at ease a first-time mother.”

“Extremely useful as a new mum to get to grips with the experience of birth and having a new-born baby. Books are ok but talking to real people is far better.”

“Nice way to relax and discover that everyone has the same ‘mummy issues’ regardless of background and circumstances.”

“Absolutely essential for me as a mum, just felt so vital to take stock of my experiences and understand what other mothers are going through. Workshops were wonderful – fantastic not to feel so alone in this.”

“There isn’t enough support for new mums. There are plenty of baby groups, but not mum groups. Invaluable to exchange and explore common experience creatively in a safe space.”

“It has enabled me to respect the work I do as a mother through sharing with others.”

“A really good opportunity to share stories in a supportive environment.”

“The opportunity to meet other mothers to share moments of glory and madness can’t be overstated.”

“A valuable chance to speak about some of the aspects of becoming a new mother that are hard to speak about or even to process and understand.”

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