Mothers Uncovered – ‘a truly valuable experience’

Ever wondered what it’s like on one of our courses? We asked one of our mums to tell us what she thought of the course she attended and what completing the course meant for her….
1. Motherhood can bring up a range of emotions – anxiety, joy, anger, sadness, resentment, contentment (sometimes all in one day!). Can you describe your general state of mind?

Peaceful and thankful. Times of sadness but I am learning to deal with these and reduce them.

2. If you were to rate your general contentment (where 1 is extremely discontented and 10 extremely contented), what score would you give and why?

I score a 7/8 now. I am grateful for what I have and my beautiful family. I am much more focused on the now rather than the past or the future.

3. Do you compare yourself, favourably or unfavourably, to other mothers you know or meet? (this can include within your family).

I don’t seem to do this as much now as I see other people’s struggles and realise that we all have times of doubt.

4. Do you feel in control?

Yes, much more than before.

5. If there are things that you would like to change about yourself or your situation, what would they be? Do you feel you should be doing things differently?

I am considering giving up my degree as it takes up time away from my family. I started doing it to give my children a better life, but I now see that they have all they need and only want time with me and my husband.

6. What reasons did you have for taking part in Mothers Uncovered?

I was struggling to deal with motherhood and felt quite alone in a world of other mums who all seem to be coping so well.

7. Were the sessions what you expected?

I didn’t really have any expectations, but they surpassed any I may have had.

8. Do you feel there has been shift in your feelings in the last 4 weeks?

Absolutely. As mentioned before I am much more focussing on the here and now and feel content. I haven’t felt content in a long time.

9. Please write a sentence or two about Mothers Uncovered that we might include in our report to the funding bodies.

I found a group at a time when I needed to express my feelings about motherhood. I didn’t have the security within my own relationships to truly express my emotions and feelings about motherhood without feeling like I was being judged. This group has taught me that many mums have exactly the same fears and anxieties and that sometimes it’s ok to feel this way. I feel not so alone anymore and more content with my life.

A truly valuable experience which pulled me from the brink of post natal depression. Considerate and understanding facilitators. Thank you all so much.

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