Trailblazer: Maggie Gordon-Walker

From June 2019

A small trumpet allowed occasionally 🙂

I was very pleased to be included in a list of 10 women with an association to Sussex in Strike a Light’s Trailblazers project. One of the team, Nicola Benge, explained the idea behind it.

We spent a good deal of time at Strike a Light thinking about the Trailblazers project we were working on with the funders (The Big Ideas Company) to look at courageous and groundbreaking Sussex women during WWI and their roles in making changes for women from 1918 onwards. Following this, we then looked at contemporary Sussex women whom we like and admire, but who have forged perhaps a slightly less usual path. 

We looked at parallels between the historical figures we’d explored as part of this project and modern day trailblazers who we thought fit this mould. We had originally planned to have eight women for our digital downloads but couldn’t stick to eight so the funders allowed us ten women of which you are one. It was so hard to whittle it down but as a major criteria was finding contemporary local women with whom we could find links to the past, that was a big factor. We then thought about groundbreaking local projects, community focus, inspiring women and you fell into all these categories.

We do hope you’re pleased with the result.

You can see the full downloads here.

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