The Secret Life of Mothers

The book can be bought direct from the publisher

I’ve been beavering away in the last few months, along with my co-editor and facilitator Charlotte Naughton, on the putting together of the Mothers Uncovered book, The Secret Life of Mothers, created from writing and interviews of our participants over the last ten years.
It is a compilation of over 50 women’s first-hand experiences and stories of their motherhood journey, from expectations through to the reality, thoughts about their own mothers, relationships with family and  partners, their struggles with identity.
Its is, I hope, something that will appeal to many and not just mothers. At the beginning and end are quite political pieces by myself and one of my contributors, Claire Robinson, in which I lay down a small call to arms in a desire for the language and treatment of women in pregnancy, birth and post-partum to be overhauled. I hope I don’t come across as too strident, or worse, not in possession of a GSOH. I’ve written funnier pieces at other times, mostly about Natwest or Ryanair. I like a laugh, I am frequently not PC, which is one reason why I couldn’t go into politics, along with the lack of patience I know I would have as they all start braying and ‘hear-hearing’ their mates in the House.
Anyway, it IS a serious subject. But, and this is my point, most new mothers are not in the full throes of depression, the need someone to talk to, there are laughs within the motherhood experience. And joy, hope and tears too. Our book also has a foreword by the phenomenal powerhouse, MP and outgoing Green Party co-leader, Caroline Lucas.
Please buy – you can get it direct by emailing, the publisher, Silverdart. Or it’s on Amazon – route via and put Livestock as your nominated charity – apparently we get some money. Or get in touch with me and I’ll send you a copy.

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