The Secret Life of Mothers

A compilation of over 50 past participants’ stories from their writings or interviews.

Our book, written by participants in our Brighton-based Mothers Uncovered groups, presents a wide range of personal accounts by women of many backgrounds who have experienced the joys, doubts and pains of motherhood.

From the anticipation to the reality of childbirth and the emotional challenges and rewards that follow, this is a unique collection of vivid experiences that will be of great value to all who have embarked – or who are about to embark – on this journey.

“I became aware of Mothers Uncovered, and their founder, the brilliant, dynamic and formidable Maggie Gordon-Walker, back in 2010, just a few years after it was formed. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to see the amazing work that Mothers Uncovered do to help women navigate the early days of motherhood and beyond…

“In this volume you’ll find poetry and prose, ecstasy and despair, searing honesty and wicked humour. It’s a testament to creativity, courage and love – and above all, joyous and defiant hope.”

Caroline Lucas MP

Latest TV coverage

Watch Latest TV’s coverage of the launch of The Secret Life of Mothers at Waterstones, Brighton in 2018.