Our Chief Executives, Patron and Board of Directors

Brilliant people who help us run Livestock, the charity behind Mothers Uncovered. 

Maggie Gordon-Walker - Creative Executive

Maggie began Mothers Uncovered in 2008 as a project for Livestock, the charity she co-founded. She spent many years as an actor in London and sometimes the performing bug gets out. She also writes articles and stories. See http://www.maggiegordon-walker.com for more info.

She likes all things foodie, playing tennis ineffectually, grumbling about The Archers, quipping with her two sons, pestering the disdainful cat, swimming in above tepid water, walking in beautiful countryside, dancing like there’s no tomorrow and travel.

Aradhana Kothari - Managing Executive

Aradhana joined Livestock initially as a trustee before becoming  a director in 2018. Her background is working with youth people and communities, training, supporting staff supervision, external support in management and recruitment and reflective practice with university students.

Having spent years in between work away on walkabout, Aradhana is an avid traveller and enjoys meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and getting lost in a really good book. Nothing beats a good adventure!

Liz McDonnell

Compassionate and critical thinker Liz is currently a lecturer, researcher, and chair of the Ethics Committee at the University of Sussex. Liz can be found enjoying the hustle and bustle of noisy cities, soaking up all of the history or in tranquil places enjoying frozen lakes and peachy sunsets.

Liz enjoys having time to think, dancing, live music, yoga, seeing her kids joyful, eating with friends and her crazy dog appearing again after running off for a long time whilst walking among ancient woodland trees where her dog can sniff and explore. Liz’s ideal current dinner guest would be Bell Hooks.

Nigel Pilkington

Native Lancashire Nigel read Law at Cambridge University and started his career as a solicitor in the City, only to give it all up to become an actor.

He has a love of improvised theatre, having trained with Chris Johnston at Fluxx, and is found, most days, in voiceover studios lending his tones to computer games, commercials, radio drama and cartoons. He’ll do anything to dive with manta rays but is unlikely to be found scuba-diving anywhere near the coast of Brighton.

Marcus Markou - Patron

Marcus studied History and Politics at the University of Birmingham before completing an MA in Legal and Political Theory at UCL. He was briefly an inflight magazine editor before going to LAMDA to train as an actor.

In the late 90s, he started Dynamis – a B2B internet publishing group which includes www.BusinessesForSale.com – the world’s largest website for buying and selling small businesses. He has written plays and made films, including Papadopoulos & Sons with Stephen Dillane, which he wrote, directed, produced and self distributed to acclaim in 2013 – selling the film to Netflix, ARTE and the BBC.

Kath Vlcek

Kath works in administration at the University of Brighton. She also volunteers at her children’s school.

On her ideal day, she would go for a sunny walk with her family in the Sussex countryside, fit in a cinema trip in the afternoon, some lovely food and drinks with friends, and a comedy show! Or a quieter perfect day would be good books, great coffee, a massage and a hot bath!

She would holiday anywhere, having been lucky enough to have had some wonderful far flung holidays pre-children, and now happy to go to France or Italy, or visiting family in the UK. Her dream dinner guests would be Sandi Toksvig and the QI Elves.


Birgit Miller

Birgit is a singing and piano teacher, classical singer and performer. She loves walking the dog in the woods and on the downs anywhere that hasn’t got too many picnics – (the Labradoodle can spot food at 500m.)

She would holiday anywhere in Italy, but failing that, any other Mediterranean country. She also likes baking, music, radio, theatre and concerts (and, at times, hiding from her family). She would have Michelle Obama as a dinner guest, for her intelligence, grace, kindness, warmth, and the extraordinary life she’s led. 


Andy Furneaux

Andy is the Production Manager at a local live events venue and works freelance on outdoor summer music festivals. 

He enjoys his job (!), theatre, walking, bouldering and climbing.  Good company and good food. He is as happy camping in Kent as on a beach in Tenerife. 

He doesn’t own a dog and the cat looks down her nose at a collar, let alone a lead!