Our impact

Mothers Uncovered goes beyond the groups and workshops we run, positively impacting the lives of local mothers and families.

At least 20% of all new mothers are likely to suffer depression, and for between a third and a half of these it will be severe. Our mission is to help mothers feel less isolated and more able to cope with motherhood.

Maggie wrote about post natal depression and the inadequate services provided by the NHS in her Guardian article ‘Our health system is failing new mothers’ in 2014. We’re determined to close the gap and support as many women as possible.

“It made me feel like my experiences, although hard, were perfectly normal and that there is more than one way to deal with things.” Participant

Improving health and wellbeing

When asked to rate the following statements about our group sessions from one to ten, where ten means they agree completely, the average score was 8/9, with 20% of participants scoring 10 out of 10.

Improved my health and wellbeing
Improved my relationships with other people
Made me feel I could cope better with the demands of motherhood
Reduced feelings of anxiety/depression
Reduced a sense of isolation/loneliness
Reduced my need for other treatment
Made me feel more confident about my future (i.e. in returning to work/education or dealing with family/friend/employers etc)

Studies and reports