Our team

We’re a team of mums from Brighton & Hove and surrounding areas determined to help as many women and families as possible.

Maggie Gordon-Walker

Maggie is the founder and director of Mothers Uncovered. She has two boys.  She advocates for ‘matrescence’ (the process of becoming a mother) and spends her time devising more projects but occasionally facilitates.  She also performs and writes; you can see more about her other life on her website.

Heidi Brydon

Heidi has three daughters. She attended the first Mothers Uncovered group as she was having a tough time transitioning ‘from me to mum’ in 2008. She enjoys cooking, arts and crafts and is a volunteer for St John’s Ambulance. 

Katherine Heritage

Katherine is an Art Psychotherapist and mum to a little boy. Katherine enjoys hearing people’s stories and learning about peoples lives. She loves the solidarity she has found being a parent.

Claire Robinson

Claire has three children and lives in West Sussex. She has benefited from attending a range of Mothers Uncovered sessions. Her hobbies and interests include rumination, exasperation, writing, seeking quiet and dismantling the patriarchy. Some words on mothering here  https://allgristtothemill.wordpress.com/

Sam Johnson

Sam is a writer, she has two boys and several years of relentless mothering under her belt. Writing helps her process the chaos. She has an MA in Creative Writing from The University of Brighton. 

Caren Fisher

Caren has three daughters.She first attended Mothers Uncovered in 2010 when the first was young, then returned five years later. She now lives in Worthing and heads up the West Sussex team.

Kate Ballard

Kate has a daughter.

She is a consultant and trainer and also an improvisor. She works with Maggie on m/others uncorked, which grew out of Mothers Uncovered.

Ros Howell

Ros is a registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist, writer and editor based near Lewes. She is mum to a girl and two boys.

Caroline Wriglesworth

Caz has 2 girls. Her background is in youth and community work and she has been working in the field of children’s rights for the last 10 years. She really likes being outside and loves the beach. She loves to swim, preferably in the sea!

Katie Matheson

Katie has two boys. her background is in theatre and creative writing. She did her first of three courses with Mothers Uncovered in 2015 and is awed by the power of a room full of mothers.

Ruby Jenkins

Ruby has two young daughters. Her professional background is in public service design, delivery and communication. She has deep respect for motherhood and knows the power of mothers coming together to share their experiences.